This route is one of the most beautiful coastal paths in Pelion. From the northern end of the beach starts built path that leads to an abandoned mansion (mansion of the Pantou). Arriving at the mansion do left, to a small house there, and continue straight on a very good path. In places we encounter elements cobbled. The trail passes over steep beaches and the view is amazing. In some places need attention because the path has narrowed significantly from vegetation, and there is a little unsettled. We pass by a shrine and continuing the path descends to a small beach.

The beach itself is pretty shady, there is near Fountain with running water and there is an abandoned building: it is therefore quite hospitable for camping

. In August, don't expect that you'll be alone, there are already many who have learned ...

To continue North from this beach, you have to move on to the next climbing the rocks that are on the coast. The ascent is somewhat difficult, especially if you carry heavy backpacks, but it is much easier than previously: landslides that took place in the winter of 2003 made smoother while you can now the attempt regardless of whether wave the sea. Before the landslides would be impossible to pass when the sea had wave.

Passing the rocks arrive at the Pebble Beach of investiture. Continuing North, we can follow gravel road which goes parallel with the coast. Passing a stream reach the beach of Elitsa. Continuing North we can arrive at a small church near the sea.


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