Horefto was one of the summer residences of the mythical gods of Olympus . As we are told by Homer , Pindar and Euripides ,in Pelion took place the marriages of Peleus and the Nereid Thetis and King of Sorrel Peirithoos with the beautiful Hippodamia .

In ancient " Ipnous " ie Old Mitzela uninhabited today , is the point at which destroyed part of the fleet of Xerxes in his expedition against the Greeks in 480 BC.

In later years , Horefto was the famous harbor from where started the " Zagorian ships " , which sailed from the early 17th century not only in the seas of the Aegean , but the Black Sea and the  Mediterranean . The dances of the sailors when they returned to it after a long trip gave them this name .
The trade by the sea routes of Horefton faded in the mid- 1960s due to the completion of the road to Volos. Also , Horefto is the fishing center of the region , and features fishing shelter that serves the local fishermen .

George Drosinis , whose statue is located in the central square, married Horeftiani ( Mary Cassavetes ) and lived for many years in the early 20th century dancer. In this place, to be christened " The School of the Sea " , George Drosinis inspired many of his works, such as poetry collection " Serenity " .

Today Horefto unchanged by the sands of time stands proudly,the first in history,between the summer resort of Pelion and offer guests quality accommodation in a mild tourist development area away from mass tourism and noise of the busy summer beaches.

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