Horefto Magnesia is a seaport and settlement of Zagora on the east side of Piliou.Diathetei spacious and extensive beaches, dentroskepasti and paved square and 2 churches.

The history of Horefton associated with gloriously Zagorian ships traveling from the early 17th century not only in the seas of the Aegean, but the Black Sea and the wider Mediterranean. The naftemporio of Horefton faded in the mid-1960s due to the completion of the road to Volos. It is a fishing center. It offers fishing shelter that serves the local fishermen.

The snow often reaches up to the shoreline. Linked to Zagora and its neighboring sites with picturesque cobbled streets which are cleaned by local factors especially at the beginning of each summer.

Things are the wall paintings in the old church of St. Nicholas, the ancient Ipnoi (Caves) which wrecked most of the fleet of Xerxes in 480 BC (North, by boat) and - most sure attraction for the future - the sun rise from the Aegean Sea. The village celebrates on August 29, St. John the Baptist. Horefton has been characterized as a traditional settlement, and year after year upgraded.

Visit our site and the months of April, May, September and October to enjoy great tranquility, unspoiled nature walks and swimming in the cool blue waters.

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