Walk in Pelion

Through the dense greenery of Pilion the old stone-paved roads, known as kalderimia, wind their way. Together with the footpaths they make up the 'old road system of Pilion', along which the local people led or rode their animals and carried their goods.

The roads were laid by local builders and some well-known stonemasons from Epirus. Along the way they are adorned with beautiful arched bridges, as well as finely designed public fountains and springs. As time went by and the modern road network was opened up many of the old trails and paths were abandoned and became overgrown; some were ruined beyond repair.

But in recent years local agencies, with European Union funding and support from the Hellenic Tourism Organization, have carried out projects to reconstruct and maintain 29 of the beautiful stone roads and paths, over a total length of 190 kilometres.
The paths have been signposted, maps printed, and efforts made to promote the network to tourists.

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